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Charlie Hanger

Charlie Hanger

Inspired by a layoff and a bad golf pun, Charlie Hanger founded 3-Jack City Media in 2013 in hopes of making a living by combining editorial skill with technical know-how. So far, so good.

While it’s weird to write about himself and the company, which everyone knows is really just one guy, in the third person, he’s come this far so he’s going to stick with it.

3-Jack City can do it all: WordPress websites and training, social media curation, email newsletters, blog posts, writing and editing, and a whole lot more. The company can also handle your digital grunt work, including setting up a variety of Google products (Workspace, Nonprofits, Analytics, Search Console), building and managing your contact database, and a bunch of other mind-numbing tasks.

A quick word about WordPress: 3-Jack City uses the platform’s native functionality to build sites that are editorially sound, logically organized, secure, and optimized for search engines. Gutenberg is a friend; plugins are largely frowned upon.

Before striking out on his own, Charlie Hanger spent seven years in a variety of roles at The New York Times and seven more as executive editor of Golf.com. He has a B.A. in English from Notre Dame and a Master’s in Journalism from Mizzou, where his father and grandfather went before him.

He once scaled the front gate to get out of Augusta National and hit the only recorded leftward shank off the first tee at the Old Course. He draws inspiration from The Hold Steady and gives thanks every day for Patrick Mahomes, Arthur Bryant, Ollie Gates, and hoppy IPAs.