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Charlie Hanger

Charlie Hanger

Inspired by a layoff and a bad golf pun, Charlie Hanger founded 3-Jack City Media in 2013 in hopes of making a living by combining editorial skill with technical know-how. So far, so good.

While it’s weird to write about himself and the company, which everyone knows is really just one guy, in the third person, he’s come this far so he’s going to stick with it.


3-Jack City can do it all: Writing and editing, WordPress websites and training, social media curation, email newsletters, blog posts and a whole lot more. Here is some of my recent work.

  • Cameron Champ Foundation screenshot
  • Mack Champ Invitational homepage screenshot june 2021
  • CameronChamp.com website screenshot
  • Momentum Golf and Education screenshot
  • Resource Home Show homepage
  • Danbrot & Labianca homepage
  • Inspired Garden homepage

Bona Fides

“Because of Charlie’s rare combination of editorial and technical skill, our Foundation has a clear and consistent presence across platforms, from websites to social media to email newsletters.”

– Jeff Champ, Co-Founder, Cameron Champ Foundation

“Charlie is a gem – he is perceptive, a clear communicator, and an exceptional problem solver. His commitment to excellence and care for his clients shows up in his efficiency, accessibility, and quality of work. I honestly can’t say enough great things about 3-Jack City Media or recommend Charlie highly enough. We feel very fortunate to have found him.”

– Lisa Danbrot, Partner in Danbrot + Labianca and Co-Founder of the Resource Home Show


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